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Bankruptcy Law


If you are tired of struggling with debt, it is time to take action and start working toward a new financial future. At the Tampa law offices of Cohen & DePaul, we help individuals and businesses throughout Southwest Florida understand their options to decide if bankruptcy is the best solution for them to get the debt relief they need. Taking a close look at your financial situation, we will help you come up with solutions.

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Guidance From an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tampa

At Cohen & DePaul, we understand the bankruptcy laws and will help see you through them. The bankruptcy process is much easier than you think when you have an experienced attorney guiding you. It is possible to get a fresh start. Filing bankruptcy can help you keep your house, catch up on a car payment, wipe out medical and credit card debt, work out IRS debt and so much more. We may even be able to help you reduce your debt without filing.

Forget what you think you know about bankruptcy. We are here to clear up all the myths about bankruptcy and give you good, solid advice based on your needs and concerns. Come talk to us in a free initial consultation, and we will take a look at your current situation to help you come up with a plan that works best for you:

  • Chapter 7:If you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to wipe out or discharge all your unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills.
  • Chapter 11:If your business is struggling with debt, Chapter 11 commercial bankruptcy will allow you to reorganize your debtinto a manageable plan, so you can get back on track. Chapter 11 is also an alternative to debtors who have too much debt to qualify for chapter 13 but still want to reorganize their debts.
  • Chapter 13: This chapter is probably right for you if you want to save a house from foreclosure, catch up on a car payment, and in many cases reduce or eliminate your unsecured debt. Chapter 13 also allows you to create a payment plan for IRS debt or past due alimony or child support.

Get Relief Now

The moment you file for bankruptcy, creditors are required by law to stop contacting you about your debt, providing you with immediate relief. Filing for bankruptcy will help you with the following:

No matter what questions you have regarding filing for bankruptcy, we will answer them promptly and lay out your options moving forward.

Contact Us for Your Bankruptcy Concerns

Providing straightforward, down-to-earth counsel, we help clients throughout Tampa and surrounding counties get the honest answers they need about bankruptcy, so they can do what is best for their financial future. Located in Tampa, we are available during weekly business hours. Call 813-606-4446 or contact us online today for more information.