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Bankruptcy and Taxes

Bankruptcy Law Bankruptcy and Taxes

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Common wisdom is that back taxes owed to the IRS are debts that are not discharged, or eliminated, when an individual files for bankruptcy. In some cases this is true, but at other times the taxes you owe can be discharged.

At Cohen & DePaul, our Tampa tax debt lawyer can take a look at the facts of your case, your taxes owed and advise you about your options. Wendy DePaul is not only a bankruptcy attorney, she is also a CPA who has helped a great many individuals file chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You may be able to discharge some of your taxes during bankruptcy.Contact Cohen & DePaul, or call 813-606-4446 for a free initial consultation.


The bankruptcy process is much easier than you think when you have an experienced attorney guiding you. It is possible to get a fresh start. At our law firm we help individuals keep their homes, catch up on car payments and wipe out their medical and credit card debt. We also help people work out their IRS debt.

Our options to reduce or eliminate your tax obligations depend on several factors:

  • What types of taxes do you owe? Is it federal income tax owed to the IRS, unpaid withholding tax for a small business or back taxes to the Florida Department of Revenue? Each taxing entity has different rules and regulations that will affect your options. We can explain it all to you.
  • Have you filed all of your tax returns? To have the possibility of discharging federal income taxes, you must be current with your tax returns.
  • Are your taxes more than three years old?The IRS does not allow newer taxes to be discharged, but older tax debt is a possibility.
  • What type of bankruptcy case are you filing? Your options are different depending on what type of case you file.  We can help you determine which type of case is best for you based on the taxes you owe.

When Experience Matters — Contact Cohen & DePaul

Cohen & DePaul offers free consultations in both Tampa and Lakeland. For a Tampa chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, please call 813-606-4446, or contact our law office to schedule a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.