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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Tampa Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys


The primary use of a chapter 11 bankruptcy is to allow a business to keep its doors open and continue to operate while reorganizing its debt. A chapter 11 bankruptcy can also be used for individuals with too much debt to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A chapter 11 business reorganization bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy both have a repayment plan filed with the court. The main difference between a chapter 11 bankruptcy and a chapter 13 bankruptcy is that with a chapter 11, the creditors can vote for or against your debt repayment plan. This means that negotiation is critical in a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

At Cohen & DePaul we have represented a great many clients in bankruptcy proceedings and have negotiated with numerous creditors during chapter 11 bankruptcy negotiations.

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There are clear benefits to filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy:

  • You can keep your business operating
  • You may be able to modify debts by reducing balances or changing terms
  • You may keep or reject contracts and leases without penalty
  • You may surrender some property secured by debt
  • Any other lawsuits against your business come to a halt after filing
  • You may be able to acquire additional financing
  • You may be able to force unsecured creditors to take less than 100 percent repayment

It’s all in the Details

A concern that some businesses have with filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy is that there are forms to file and tasks to complete. At Cohen & DePaul, we will guide you through the process every step of the way. Attention to detail is critical in these cases, and that is an area in which we have significant experience. Our Tampa chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer is also a CPA and understands the issue from both a legal and financial perspective.

When Experience Matters — Contact Cohen & DePaul

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