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Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession

Bankruptcy Law Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Tampa


If your company is behind on its bills and in financial distress, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be able to save your company. At the Tampa law offices of Cohen & DePaul, we help individuals and businesses throughout Southwest Florida understand their business bankruptcy options. If filing for bankruptcy will help your company, we will guide you through the process and explain all of your options to you.

Keep the doors of your business open with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.Contact the Tampa attorneys at Cohen & DePaul today at 813-606-4446 for a free initial consultation.

Being a Debtor in Possession

A debtor in possession is simply the name for the person or business that is filing for bankruptcy. As a debtor in possession, you control how the assets of your company are used, rather than a court-appointed business trustee.

There are certain situations in which a trustee will take control of your business assets. It is important to consult with an experiencedChapter 11 Bankruptcy attorneys in order to ensure that your business rights are protected. If your plan of reorganization is denied or you fall behind on your payments after filing, creditors may attempt to force a Chapter 7 liquidation of your company. We will work with you to help you succeed and obtain a fresh start.

Establishing a Proper Financial Plan in Chapter 11

In order to retain control of your company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it is critical that a financial plan for your company’s future be accepted by creditors. Unlike a Chapter 13 plan of reorganization, creditors get to vote on your plan in a business bankruptcy. Our experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy attorneys will work to get your chapter 11 Plan approved, from negotiating with your creditors to defending and filing motions on your behalf.

Convenient Locations and Experienced Business Advice

Cohen & DePaul offers free consultations in Tampa. If you have a distressing legal matter and need a Florida business bankruptcy lawyer, please call  813-606-4446, or contact our law office to set up an initial consultation. We would like the opportunity to relieve your stress by solving your legal issue.

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